Joey was born on January 6, 1971 and lived in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Later, she moved to Los Angeles to begin her TV career in 1989. She has played in 'Top of the Heap' and 'Vinny and Bobby'. However, she is most likely best known for being the woman who would take Bud Bundy virginity in "Married...With Children". She could also have been seen in 'Second Noah' as a recurring character, and was featured in the CBS Afterschool Special 'Return to Hip Hop High'. She can also be found in two lesser known films called 'Love and War' and 'Double Rush'

Joey's first acclaimed film role was in the cult film 'Dazed and Confused', later she would also appear in the film 'Coneheads'. She has been in 'Sleep With Me', along with Eric Stolz and Meg Tilly. She also played as Jame's Caan's daughter in 'The Program'. She also played as a Tuskin child in the movie , 'Exorcist II: The Heretic'. Perhaps, though, her best performance was a scene-stealer in 'SFW', starring with Stephen Dorff. Joey has also starred as a bulimic in the MTV short film, 'Strange Habits', which was shown at the 1996 Sundance Film Festival, and she also played in the independent film "The Pros and Cons of Breathing". She has played as Gwen in the smash film 'Mallrats', where she has a small , but not unsightly semi-nude apperance. Joey has also played along side Pauly Shore in the movie 'Bio-Dome'. In 1996, She played in 'Micheal' as Anita, beside John Tavolta. She also has played in another View Askew film called 'Chasing Amy' where she played as a lesbian. Her latest film effort was a part in 'Big Daddy' as a lawyer with a part as Adam Sandler's love interest. Joey has been selected to play a character named Zoe in the upcoming Fox 2000 film 'A Cool Dry Place'. Joey has even taking the leap into cyberspace with her acting in the not-so critically acclaimed computer game'The Legacy'.

More personally, during her movie career with View Askew films, she hooked up with the director of the so-called 'New Jersey Trilogy', Kevin Smith. More recently, however as all Hollywood romances are doomed to be, they broke up, leaving Joey single once more. However, just as Hollywood romances die quickly, they just as quickly arise again. Joey was dating actor Vince Vaughn for a little bit. Now, I do believe she is single.

This page in honor of one of the least known, but most talented actresses of our age. Therefore, this site is dedicated to Joey Lauren Adams and to her future as an actress and a woman. Thanks for all you've done. TAB

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